Trends Vary

The most frequent question I get is; what are people selecting for their kitchens now?, is white still in? Often they ask this thinking of resale appeal, not that they want to sell their house now, but maybe in a few years they might and they want to enjoy a new kitchen before they sell. 

Trends vary by region. Here are some trends for the New England area;  

Transitional styling is gaining in popularity. People don’t want to be defined by a particular style.  

Contemporary is coming back, but not the style of the twentieth century. Today’s contemporary is simple clean lines incorporating warm wood tones 

Accents of metal such as metal exhaust hoods over ranges, decorative hardware, and floating shelves. 

Floating shelves of any material are often requested, eliminating the bulky look of  wall cabinets when simplicity and clean lines are wanted.  Reclaimed wood is becoming popular for shelves as well as countertops. 

Neutrals dominate (ie white painted cabinets) with pops of color. Think how boring a room can be without some interest.   

Coffee stations and wet bars are frequently requested. Kitchens are still the heart of the home and where much of the entertaining is done. The  desk of the 70s is being replaced with docking and charging stations for all the smart gadgets that are part of our lives now. 

Pet friendly features with designated areas for food and water are part of the kitchen for the family pets. 

New storage accessories such as dish storage drawers, pocket doors, recycling baskets, and lift up doors on wall cabinets add more usable access and convenience to kitchens. 

Lastly, countertop trends. Quartz is now preferable to granite countertops. It is an engineered material that is consistent in pattern and color and requires litle to no maintenance . There is a new product, Dekton by Consentino for countertops, floors, outdoor patios, shower walls, as well as building walls. It is resistant to stains, scratchs, water . Fire, heat  and  cold. It is the ideal product of the 21 st century. 

I have color samples in my showroom and they range from solid colors to wood planks to marble and stone.