Let’s discuss kitchen trends. White or off white is still the most popular choice for cabinets. When your cabinets ( the elephant in the room) are a neutral color, they act as a canvas. Adding paint or accessories defines your style and personality.  

    Homeowners in the Northeast with the short dark days of long winter months choose white cabinetry to lighten up their kitchens. Adding more light with bigger windows or more windows is also a trend.  

    An open concept floor plan, with more window space doesn’t allow for much wall space. Pantries are making a comeback to allow for dish and food storage.Grandma did know best. If there is enough space, walk in pantries are the most popular. Food items are displayed on open shelves and dishes are often stored in cabinetry in the pantry. Some pantries are used as dish storage with a sink and dishwasher in them. The kitchen is then used for food preparation, serving and entertaining. With the pantry door closed, the noise and mess is confined and the kitchen is truly part of the family room.  

    Some kitchens are too small to allow for a walk-in pantry. There are several cabinet storage features in today’s kitchen cabinets. Drawers designed to store dishes are replacing wall cabinets. Tall storage cabinets available in different depths are great for dish or food storage. Base cabinets with specialized features for food storage are gaining popularity. 

    Our showroom has many of these features on display and our knowledgeable designers can suggest storage solutions for your floor plan. Even though Frank LLoyd Wright didn’t coin the phrase “Form ever follow function”, it’s truer today with the open concept and bigger windows trend. Good space planning is so important for today’s kitchen.  

    Kitchen remodeling seminar, Saturday, February 13, 2:00-4:00